Weather Forecasts in Cyprus and the UK

It used to be said that the BBC weather report was usually only correct 30% of the time. Naively I thought that you could look at it, reverse it, and you’d have the correct forecast 70% time. Too simple, rain did not become dry weather it became sleet or hail.

Forecasters have been predicting a bitterly cold UK and a wet Cyprus for sometime but then suddenly this forecast has began to change. For example, Positive Weather Solutions, a UK-based long-range forecasting agency, has issued its long range forecast for Winter 2011-12 and according to them the forecast, which covers the period December to February, suggests that the long period of severe weather experienced in December 2010 is unlikely to be repeated.Trouble is, which forecast do you believe?

In North Cyprus, life is much simpler. Forecaster seem to be hazarding guesses and coming to spurious conclusion based on facts such as it has rained a lot more in September than usual so it will rain a lot during the rest of the Winter, and there’ll be floods.

In Cyprus, one thing you can be sure off, don’t buy a tumble dryer for your washing as in any 3-day period there will be enough sunshine and dry weather to dry them naturally!

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