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tornadoNCFP Archive – 21st September 2009

OK, yes, there was a tornado in Cyprus but more importantly there was rain.

Looking at Nigel Heasman’s website of the weather in Kayalar is most revealing; nearly an inch in the last month. Added to this was the marked drop in temperature which meant that it was warmer in the south of England than it was in Cyprus. Some people blamed it on on the “greenhouse effect,” and have removed those from their gardens as well as their cloches, just in case, but in search of a better answer we looked to Cyprus’ meteorological services.

In the south, the government website was most uninformative. It told us what the weather was at that moment, which you could find out by looking out of the window, and when you click on the “weather forecast” link it promises to tell you what will happen in 3 days but instead tells you only about today and tomorrow. No explanation is given as to why the weather has been strange recently. This service probably costs millions of euros to run whereas in the north the weather forecasting system is much simpler; ask any local and they’ll tell you for free. Mind you, the answer is usually, “it’ll be sunny.”

So we went further afield to discover the cause of this strange weather and this brought us back to You Tube (see link) where someone insists they have the answer – it was as a result of a British Secret Service attempt to stop holidaymakers visiting Cyprus and I guess to force the south into accepting the north’s proposals in the ongoing Cyprus Talks. A You Tube contributor, posing as a member of the Secret Services, goes on to reveal further plans to disrupt Cyprus tourism:

A British Secret Service attempt to stop holidaymakers visiting Cyprus?
Ok – we admeat eet – now we are trying to find a way to dispose of 10,000 second hand food mixers? (only used once!) Can you help us? After success of “drive the tourists from Limassol highway and latsia” project, now we plan to sink 20,000 bath tubs into Mediterranean sea, then pull out de plugs, drain the sea and claim Cyprus as part of Gibraltar – you see our cunning planz – dis message will self deestruct sometime soon”

In the end this was the only attempt to explain the unseasonable weather and we are told that the horrible weather will soon be over and we’ll be back to normal again.

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