The hunters become the hunted

hunters-1The law says that hunters, amongst other things, should not discharge their guns within 500m of dwellings. Down in Malatya for the last few Sundays they have been having problems with hunters breaking this law and putting locals in danger. The police have been called but have proved ineffective and each week the hunters returned; that was until one woman decided that enough was enough!

Lena, who own the North Cyprus Dog & Cat Hotel in Malatya, was fed up with the pets she was looking after being distressed by the closeness of the gunfire and decided that if the police could not do the job then she would. The first evidence of her intentions were the choice Turkish phrases she had probably learnt especially for the job. As soon as they saw her charging towards them they had a taste of what it was like to be targeted and so they too took flight as you will see in the slide-show below.

[mbs slideshow=1]

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