The Forgotten Fourth Fortress


My map shows the location of the Forgotten Fourth Fortress, which was probably built as a watch tower. From the fortress soldiers could oversee the Mesoaria plain as far as Morphou (now Güzelyurt) and warn the Royal Palace in Nicosia with fire signals if invaders entered Cyprus from the West. Although there are still many unanswered questions around the mysterious “Forgotten Fourth Fortress” (*) in the Kyrenia mountains – since last week there is one secret less…


[Picture below] The medieval path runs from the Fourth Fortress to connect with the medieval road (probably a rough path at the time) between Nicosia and Kyrenia. I walked this difficult and sometimes dangerous path (almost 7 kilometres) to prove my speculation…


[Picture below] There is a path that runs in front of the building (from the main road 236 m to the southwest corner of the fortress; the elevation of the path at this point is 744,60 m above sea level. The bottom of the castle stands 750 metres above sea level).


[Picture above] The path runs down in the valley and passes the cave (105 meters from the middle of the south wall of the fortress) before it seems to go down the mountain slope as far as the village of Pinarbasi (formerly known as Krini) – but surprisingly it doesn’t. This man-made path leads to the east, following the mountain slope, to the old Nicosia-Kyrenia road, which it once would have connected!


[Picture above] The 6,9 km long medieval footpath, leading from the “Forgotten Fourth Fortress” (left) to the medieval Nicosia-Kyrenia road (probably just a rough path at the time). I have projected the path (using a Garmin GPS) on this Google Earth Pro map. It’s a great walk, giving you a wonderful view of the Mesoaria plain! And remember: possibly as far back as 800 years ago Anglo-French soldiers walked here also! Nothing is known about the builders, the soldiers – just nothing. Well, the fortress and the medieval path are still there…

(*) For details see my lecture – available on CD at the Medieval Cyprus Fellowship stall at the Lambousa market (Lapta) and on line here:

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