Recycling at Ercan airport

ercanArriving late at Ercan on a delayed flight, we were forced to wait outside for our taxi. No big deal the temperature was a benevolent 24°C. The staff were cleaning up. With nothing better to do we watched with interest the methods used to rid the pristine floors of the debris of the the day. Cleaner number one accompanied by number two walks slowly along the inside floor pushing a wide mop. The collection of bits of paper, ticket stubs and the all pervasive dust rolls along in front of the mop. He turns leaving the small pile in the middle of an area where everyone leaving the terminal has to walk through. Sure enough a policeman walks through it kicking the pile in all directions. The two cleaners by this time are maybe 25 yards away.

The cleaners turn and push the next pile to the place where the first one was. Not concern that it has “magically” disappeared. They stop and step outside for a smoke. At least they observe the no smoking signs in the terminal. Another cleaner sees the pile inside the door and pushes it past the smoking collegues onto the tiling in front of the sliding doors. The breeze is very refeshing and the small bits of paper start to form small whirling dervishes in the flurries. Yet another cleaner materialises out of the darkness and prods all these bits and pieces together and with a deft swish of the mop, propels them into the road. She then turns on her heels and goes back into the terminal, the other two stub out their cigarettes on the clean floor and also promptly disappear. The wind takes the sweepings from the road blows them all over the floor again and into the terminal. A bit like painting the Forth Bridge. Four cleaners at midnight to achieve what? A clean floor? In your dreams.

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