Popular Science News | UK Environmental Protection Gone Mad – Bin Fines

Popular Science News – whenever I return to the UK, I find I miss North Cyprus bin men. When I leave my rubbish out they collect it. That’s it, I leave rubbish and the bin men collect it. However, in the UK you need a NVQ 2 in order to be allowed to put rubbish out. The collection calendar tells me which day I’m allowed to put out a particular type of rubbish. For example, I have to see whether I’m allowed to put out my green or grey bin or my green box or white sack or combination thereof; and that’s without remembering what goes in them. Now, glass, plastics cans and tins but not light-bulbs for instance go into the green box and paper into the white sack but paper from my shredder has to be separately bagged and then put in it…

It’s the wheelie bin that wheelie gets on my nerve. They’ve cut down the fine of having it overfull from £110 to £80 so that malicious neighbours whose bins are too full and use your one instead will only get you fined £80 now.

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