Popular Science News | Top 10 Things Not To Flush Down the Toilet

Popular Science News – following is a list of the top 10 objects you should not flush down the toilet or even the sink for that matter, but for some reason usually are.

1. Food fat – so what do you do with that old oil in your chip-fryer? I know, put it back in the can and take it to the local waste disposal unit, but in reality the toilet looks so inviting. According to Thames Water, “once it hits our sewers it cools down and congeals into what we call fatbergs.”

2. Condoms – difficult to flush apparently, but Thames Water tells us they look like fish floating on the surface and they end up blocking the system if not removed.

3. Pets – goldfish are most common but hamsters and gerbils are also seen.

4. Nappies – these are rare, because of the sheer difficulty of getting one round the U-bend but some parents seem to believe the toilet is the best place to dispose of them and the blockages they cause can be a nightmare.

5. Human body parts – Thames Water “flushers” are amazed that fingers and even hands find their way into the sewers.

6. Cotton buds and tampons – they just won’t break down and in the end drains have to be unblocked by hand.

7. Half a Mini – according to Thames Water half a mini was dragged out of one of our major London sewers although it was certainly not flushed down the toilet.

8. Paint and building waste – combined with a fatberg, paint is a real problem along with rubble heavy enough to settle in bends where wet wipes and food can join it.

9. Drug paraphernalia – syringes mainly, very dangerous.

10. Food – bones and apple cores do cause trouble and sweetcorn seems to gravitate to sewers creating vast yellow expanses.

[The Guardian]

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