Popular Science News | Incentive to Collect Litter

Popular Science News – although not designed to be an incentive to collect litter, the new Nestlé promotion could do just that. The company is placing tracking devices in chocolate bars as part of their ” We Will Find You”promotion. A GPS chip is embedded in the wrappers of KitKat, Aero and Yorkie bars and will activate once opened. A team from Nestlé promise to track the “lucky” winner down within 24 hours to hand them their £10,000 prize.

So, what if you throw the wrapper away? That’s when crazy, impoverished, litter pickers may appear. Searching for discarded wrapper in the hope that their rubbish will be worth £10,000. Unfortunately, 24 hours later they’ll know they weren’t successful and so they’ll dump all the wrappers for another load of scavengers to start the whole process all over again. Oh well, it’s better than watching the rubbish in the TV.


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