Noise pollution from Locca near Escape Beach is driving me loco

Now you really have to wonder whose palm was greased when the ‘powers that be’ gave planning permission for an open air dance venue.

For those of you, like me, who are a little long in the tooth and your nights of ‘ boogieing on down’ are just a fond but distant memory, to see such a newly built establishment proudly advertised on the main road by Escape Beach defies logic. Why, oh why, would such an establishment be allowed in 2011? With air and noise pollution being the issues of the day, how is this allowed?

I live at least a mile away as the crow flies and yet the noise is beyond an acceptable level even here. How on earth the people who live closer cope, I just do not know? I walked out on to my patio at 2.00 a.m. the other morning and I swear the patio was vibrating under my bare feet. As the night/morning progresses, you can hear the D.J. becoming more and more manic although I am willing to concede, it could be me becoming more and more manic.

Ironically, the name of the venue is Locca, and it could be well named if the a was o, because it is certainly sending me loco. The music starts at about 9.30 pm and usually goes on till at least 4.30 a.m. Through careful monitoring I thought I had it sussed. I thought it was Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, but no I swear it was on a Tuesday last week.

Why on earth is it not a statutory requirement that the building should be just that, a building, and be sound proofed? We have to have the emission test on our cars, although it seems the biggest offenders, trucks and dolmuses, are exempt. Noise is an extreme form of pollutant, but this is ignored. Is this another case of the TRNC tinkering around the edges, yet again?


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