NCFP Opinion | Is Money Everything?

NCFP Opinion | Is Money Everything?

Personal values like honesty and kindness are considered less important in the 21st century. Although position in the society and money tend to be given much more importance, it is very difficult to become a respectable and successful person without those values.

In the past, societies were much smaller and everybody knew each other, so being a good person was very important. Nobody wanted to lose his/her face by doing something inappropriate because it often meant being left alone. On the contrary, nowadays, interpersonal relations are not seen very necessary. Cities are becoming more populous and fewer people know their neighbours. Many of us are not afraid of losing friends because we do not have any.

Nowadays, a person’s social status and high income are respected but it does not always mean that person has a nice character. For instance, some doctors and managers have committed crime in their lives, whereas some poor builders have done nothing, but donated a big portion of their income to charities and worked day and night. There is a misconception in many societies; it is thought that rich and successful people are always good. Families often oppose to their daughter’s wish to marry a man who is poor but kind.

Personal values may have become old-fashioned but they still prevail and play a role in our lives. Teacher candidates with previous criminal record are rarely accepted into institutions. Second, golden-hearted employees often impress their employers and they are offered a pay rise or promotion. In contrast, an intelligent engineer who has a luxurious car may not be loved by his/her colleagues, so he might not make any progression in his career.

In conclusion, being a kind or polite person is not as crucial as it used to be. Nevertheless, without the “old-fashioned” values, it is almost impossible to be in a prestigious position in the society.

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