Light showers expected in North Cyprus; of gunshot pellets

As expected, some TRNC hunters are breaking the law concerning the 500 meter distance from houses they are not supposed to fire guns within. A neighbour was showered with pellets while sitting on their terrace and this was after being woken by gunshots at 6.30 am. We also saw a small child carrying a gun while accompanying adult hunters.

Hunters regularly shoot each other and there are even cases of dogs shooting hunters. Despite this, it is rare for hunters to be challenged over rule breaking, and a few years ago an ex-pat doing so ended up in a testosterone fuelled fight with a hunter. Most householders just grin and bear Sunday hunting until February and hope that they don’t become one of the hunted. They avoid walking in areas that can conceal hunters willing to shoot at anything that moves, before determining which species their intended prey is.

Hunters sometimes have been known to fire at targets without determining what might be included in their line of fire a few hundred meters on from it. I personally have had gunshot whistling past my ear while walking dogs in Five Finger Mountains.

So, don’t be fooled into taking a nice peaceful country walk on Sundays, stay safe, even your garden is dangerous, stay indoors away from windows and pray for Monday to come.

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