Lapta and Alsancak Beledeysi dumping rubbish in a Malatya beauty spot

My partner and I watched in amazement as lorry after lorry passed our house on the way to the Malatya waterfall carrying full loads of rubbish. Admittedly a lot of this was bio-degradable garden waste but mixed with it was a significant amount of plastics and metal. The lorries started running early in the morning and continued throughout the day until dusk. We counted more than 30 loads, but there were many more as we were out for part of the day.

This is not the first time this has happened and the dumping, apart from despoiling a beauty spot, which can’t be good for tourism on which TRNC depends, represents a serious health and flooding risk in the forthcoming winter, not to mention the traffic hazards of heavy lorries using the narrow lanes up to and through the village.

I took some photographs, some of which I have attached here. Clearly from these the guilty parties are Alsancak and Lapta Beledeysi.

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