Dog poisoning and muzzles

poisoned_dogAs has been said many times before, the whole island of Cyprus has a poor attitude towards stray dogs; they are a pest to be exterminated. The preferred methods is poison and this indiscriminately kills wildlife include kestrels and owls. There have been many attempts by ex-pats to stop this but because the practice is part of country life these attempts always fail.

One of the latest recommendations to help prevent poisoning is for pet owners to muzzle their dogs. It is obvious that if you are taking a dog for a walk on a lead, especially when snakes are about, this can be an additional precaution. The problem is that most pet lovers prefer to allow their animals to roam free during the walk and may be tempted to use the muzzle to stop them eating unseen poison. But this then brings an additional danger, what if during its foraging expedition the pet comes across a stray dog and a fight ensues? Your pet would be helpless to defend itself. OK, this is going to be rare but then so is poisoning. This leaves the owner having to make a decision about which is the greater risk.

Surely there must be other ways of stopping this poisoning? We know that petitions to the government do not work so what else can be done?

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