Animal neglect in the TRNC

Hi, here is my story:

On Thursday 2nd December for the first time I saw a Pointer puppy in the land behind my house. She was barking furiously and was extremely skinny and had a large wound on her back leg. She was ravenous so every morning I fed her, gave her water and chatted with her.

On Sunday I had just cleaned my house and when I took out the rubbish she came with me. Suddenly she ran into my neighbour’s garden and he took her by her front legs and lifted her off the ground and said that she was his dog. I was surprised because up until then he had accepted that she was my dog.

I was obviously upset and argued with him about ownership. He ignored me and took the dog which upset me because of my past experience with his treatment of animals. I went to the police in Lapta and they came back with me to investigate but now my neighbour was saying that he had bought the puppy from a man he knew in Dikmen and his daughter supported him and said it was their dog and that the puppy had escaped from the kennel.

I knew this was a lie because I can see the neighbour’s kennel from my window and the puppy hasn’t been there at all, and my other neighbours have only seen this puppy with me and not him.

When I asked the police to get the dog back, after talking with my neighbour, they told me that they could charge me because I hadn’t reported that I had found a stray dog!!!! This was the first time I have ever heard that I should do this and I have lived here for 10 years. They left without doing anything.

Why am I so upset, well this is because I believe that this neighbour should not be allowed to keep any dogs? In summer he went to the UK for 3 weeks and left his animals without water or food. Margaret Ray from Kyrenia Animal Rescue came but she could not do anything because he was not home and she didn’t have the right in the law to take further action. A few years earlier I found a dog dead in this man’s kennel, hanging from a rope which he’d used to tie the animal up.

Today, 8th December, the puppy is still there at my neighbours with two other dogs in the same kennel. There is nothing I can do about it but if you find a dog and look after it, be warned that if your neighbour takes a liking to it and you have not reported it as lost, you too could have a dog you have cared for taken away.

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