Alsancak Belediyesi – Rubbish!

What a story! Firstly, lorries bearing the Lapta and Alsancak Belediyesi livery adds more rubbish to the growing piles around once beautiful Malatya. Then Lapta pleads, “it wasn’t me it was Alsancak.” Photos of this dumping apparently then gets sent right to the top of the government pile and an alleged response comes directly from İlkay Kamil himself. True to form the minister in charge of making sure the environment is kept at a standard acceptable to the TRNC people, responds as expected. He decides to leave the rubbish where it is and suggests that in the future Alsancak Belediyesi will not put the same kind of rubbish in the same place and definitely will not be using lorries which will identify them.

And where do the ex-pats who exposed this rubbish dumping stand in this? Well, it appears that they are moaners who should go back to where they came from. This seems to be a common attitude taken by many locals and even other ex-pats. This is their country, we hear; if they want to dump rubbish in your neighbourhood then get used to it. If they contaminate the water supply you drink from then drink bottled water and if that is also contaminated…

The difference between whether the TRNC is someone’s home or just a temporary place of residence is shown in how they treat the place they live in. The way the TRNC is currently being treated by some suggests that it is just a temporarily rented property whose tenants cannot afford the rent and which they intend to leave in a mess because one dark night they’ll be moving on.

How can the TRNC gain international respect if even its own government and citizens don’t treat it with respect?

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