in Cyprus Today – 27/11/2010

Peace deal may ‘dwindle away’ Editor: just “may”?

Ankara refuses to open port to Greek Cypriot ships – unsurprisingly.

The fight of his life – Ediz Seymen’s fight against leukaemia – see NCFP

Plug to be pulled on TV piracy – because OSN, the most pirated system, is switching to a new system. This will apparently affect Dream Box and others using this system.

Facts collected for kocan negotiations – this time by the BRS. Editor: didn’t the Property Complaints Office do this? Perhaps the BRS could just get the government to actually look at that information as it has far more detail than the BRS will ever collect. Last I heard there was at least 300 cases. Better still why not just use the HBPG information. Or better still why not accept that the current government can’t do anything to help after over 5 years of telling them the problem.

Call for data in bid to value properties – in Maraş. The Cyprus chapter of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is doing this to help GCs claiming from the ECHR whose awards were 10% of what they asked for.

Work permit applications have been halted – for new applicants, temporarily until (currently secret) new legislation is put into place next week.

Hunters damage pylons – a total of 50,000TL damage was caused by hunters hitting pylons

New laws to slash public sector pay – from January 1st. For example, workers currently earning 2206TL (£950) pm will earn 13TL above the minimum wage – 1250TL (£535) pm. New teachers will earn 1700TL (£730) instead of 2878TL (£1235) pm. Overtime rates will drop from 150% of the hourly rate to 110%. These changes do not affect “those who work for the judiciary, Auditor General’s office, Ombudsman, the Civil Service Commission or the IPC.” As can be expected the Unions are up in arms over this, claiming that these changes are a breach of contract. Editor: breach of contract, I think some ex-pats have discovered that contracts here are unenforceable. Perhaps the judiciary will support them – oh, I forgot, the cuts don’t affect them and, at a guess, that includes the police.

Get Real with Tom Roche – “the fuss that surrounds the little men nominally in charge of this country is of course ludicrous. They govern a population the size of Basingstoke but think they are Barack Obama.”  He also quotes İpek Özerim, “it is about time we, the public, either find a better breed to represent us, or find a better way of governing ourselves, because the sorry bunch currently representing us are clueless.” Editor: Pauline Read said something far less insulting about a lawyer and look what happened to her. Hide your laptops, quick! Well done Tom and İpek!

Letters – two excellent letters praising Bertil Wedin for highlighting the property problems we at NCFP will continue to expose.

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