A hunting we will go?

black francolin

black francolin

Just to remind you that tomorrow is the start of the hunting season which ends on 31st December. Hunting is allowed every Sunday from then on and additionally on Thursday 31st December. Hunters are only allowed to hunt for rabbit, partridge, woodcock, quail pheasant, wood pigeon, magpie and black francolin (see image.)

Hunting in not allowed within 200 meters of residential areas or within 500 meters of reservoirs and hunters are only allowed to take three dogs with them. What you usually find is that tomorrow there will be a early start and the place will be swarming with hunters but usually they, or in one case a hunting dog, will have shot another hunter and the desire to hunt then abates.

Despite having compulsory military service here, the hunters’ knowledge of the safe use of firearms is negligible. It is advisable to stay well away from them and change your dog walking regime for a while. I can still remember lead shot whistling past my ear when a hunter shot at a bush I was behind, walking on a path.

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