Cyprus Medieval History – new eMagazine

 For almost ten years I have lived in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – a real paradise for lovers of history. Many times I had the pleasure of meeting (mainly British) expats and tourists, explaining to them details of the rich medieval past of this wonderful island. But words are easily forgotten and although I maintain a huge website – I kept looking for a more satisfying way of sharing my interest and hobby and the knowledge of other experts. So I played with the idea of publishing eBooks but finally chose the modern format of a monthly eMagazine.

 I’m very pleased that well-known experts in the field of Cyprus’ medieval history support my idea and have promised to contribute. But to make this eMagazine a success we appreciate the help of our readers. We need your suggestions for medieval subjects you’d like to read about in articles. Maybe you’ve always wondered about a monument in or near your village? Please ask us all kinds of questions! Last but not least: subscribe to this eMagazine and give a subscription to friends and relatives!

Here’s the location to download the new “Medieval Cyprus eMagazine”, issue nr. 03/04.
Download your copy here (if you haven’t done so already):
You can also read/download previous issues here:


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