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Toparlaniyoruz – An Opinion: simply because I pointed out that the promise made to me in a very public meeting of Toparlaniyoruz by a member of the panel at the Pia Bella was broken I was removed and blocked from Ms. Inan’s FaceBook page. This means that if I want news of the movement’s progress I have to go to considerable trouble to get it. How is this an improvement on the old systems they so soundly lambaste? How is this democratic, does this somehow reek of censorship? My advice to Ms Inan and her son would be, do not make a promise in public you are not absolutely sure you are able to keep.

Recent news of the movement uses the word ‘serge’. Now we really do need to see a movement with high ideals but with power. The only way to achieve this would be to form a political party, in my humble opinion. All the support in the world will do no good unless you have some power to go with it.

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