The Easter Witches Are Here!

“Most Christian holidays have pagan roots and traditions, and Easter is no exception. In Sweden, it is said that this is the time of year that witches mounted their broomsticks and flew off to Blockulla – the mystical meadow where witches gathered to dance with the devil.

This piece of folklore is commemorated in Sweden on Maundy Thursday, or Scarlett Thursday – the Thursday before Easter Sunday, a day in which the Church marks the Last Supper at which Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of the Apostles. In a tradition similar to Halloween, Swedish children paint their faces and dress as witches (påskkärringar, or ‘Easter hags’). They go from door to door, carrying their broomsticks, to ask for candy and other treats. In some areas, the children make little decorated cards, called Easter letters, that they trade for their treats or leave in the neighbor’s mailbox.” [Source:

Well, in Cyprus we have our own “Easter Hag”

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