Pauline Read’s Entry Into the World of the Internet


You all know the history of Pauline Read’s entry into the world of the internet.

When she worked she paid staff to do ‘all that stuff’ as she likes to call it. When she retired she was determined to never own a laptop, preferring to do things the old fashioned way. She made one concession, she owned a word processor and wrote all her business letters on it. She still preferred to handwrite all letters to friends and families.

Indeed she tells me that when the problems of Kulaskiz 5 first reared their ugly head, she still relied on the trusty word processor and hand delivered her tomes to people like Naomi Mehmet, Marion Stokes of HBPG who, in those days, she copied into all her correspondence. She also copied in Tucge Volkan at the Property Complaints Office and the then Minister of the Interior, Mr Ilkay Kamil.

Eventually she realised she would have to join the 21st century and invest in a latptop. Trial and error was the method at the beginning, but she soon became proficient enough to cope, although she will be the first to admit that, other than the speed of communicating with it, there is still very little she understands about her laptop.  She owned her first laptop, who she referred to as Laura, for just over twelve months before Laura was incarcerated in Girne jail. Laura is still awaiting trial in jail, which must be a violation of her laptop rights, she has been there since 14th October 2010.

Much of what has happened to Pauline Read since defies logic and for an old woman who basically is just fighting for justice and freedom of speech, it is incomprehensible. Pauline has joined the 21st century but many of her persecutors seem not to have.

There are now two sister facebook groups Pauline is very active on:

1.  Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group (The original one)

2.  Free Legal Advice North Cyprus (FLANC)

Both groups are support groups for those with property problems brought about by inadequate protection given to purchasers in North Cyprus and for those who have been subjected to the fraudulent acts of  builders/landowners/developers and sadly, in some instances, banks.

Group 1 started on the 17th July 2012 and in its short life has over 2000 members.

Group 2 started a few short weeks ago and has over 2100 members. We are privileged to have the services of ‘Hak Hukuk’, our very own fully qualified and licensed in the TRNC Advocate who gives free advice on the page or if you prefer privacy you can talk to him on inbox chat.

You cannot win if you do not fight back.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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