North Cyprus Property | TRNC Unable to Protect Property Victims


North  Cyprus Property | TRNC Unable to Protect Property Victims

It would seem that whilst all the political parties in north Cyprus agree that what is happening in north Cyprus is wrong, few know how to put it right.

We are due an election here in north Cyprus, on the 28th of this month the people go to the polls. Let us hope a little of what helps them to decide which party to give their vote to, centres on the property sector in general and on the abysmal treatment of both foreign and domestic purchasers.

This last weekend we saw what happened to hapless Karmi/Robb buyers. Nothing was done to protect the foreign buyers who invested their life’s savings here. No account was taken of the fact that they lost everything to satisfy a monetary claim they were not party to and no means of recompense of the innocent was even considered.

A repeat performance of what happened to the Kulaksiz 5. If in these circumstances Auction is the answer, then the wrong question is being asked.

Well I remember the bank asking why we, the K5, were not chasing those we gave our money to. My reply, ‘why aren’t you chasing the men you gave the mortgage money to?” Clearly we were the easier targets with the property illegally (in my opinion) used as security in the 100,000 lira mortgage with the usury rate of 250% per annum interest rate.

The same principle applies in this case. The owners were not made aware of the memorandums until after the event, their having paid any money for their homes was not even considered. Why?

Tomorrow Afrika Gazetesi will be on the case, but why isn’t every newspaper, every political candidate doing something to help the innocent.

The rich can buy their answers, the poor need to be protected by those in power. Who is going to step up to the plate and do the right thing?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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