North Cyprus Property | The Ducks Are Not in a Row


North Cyprus Property – The Ducks Are Not in a Row.

Having arrived at the Supreme Court supremely confident this time all the ducks would be in a row, I was kept waiting from 9.00 am till 11.25 am only to be told that I would have to come back because there was no interpreter. Hold on, I was told this on 26th August and the Advocate acting for the young man who called me scum had had her writ served on Kulaksiz personnel but it had not been notarised at the court because someone had gone on holiday. So a very unwell Agile and I were kept hanging around yet again because the ducks were still not in a row.

I did get in to see the Supreme Court Judges and was able to ask why cancelling the Breach of Contract judgement on the 7th August was not enough and enquired if it really needed to be cancelled again. I was assured that it was necessary. This means that in addition to the six visits prior to the 7th August when the initial cancellation took place I have returned to do the same job on two further occasions, and will now have to return on Friday of this week the 4th, when I am told there will be the necessary interpreter. I do hope so because we really do need to make a health trip to the UK soon and do not expect to return until the middle of November at the earliest.

I had been in two minds about going today, especially as the Advocate for the man who called me scum had promised to check the situation and phone me. She did not phone and that made me suspicious which is the main reason I attended today.

All these visits to the Supreme Court to do a job that benefits me, not one iota. Go figure.

Pauline Read

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