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Daily Image – a wedding ceremony usually consists of five steps: visiting the future daughter-in-law, giving small gifts, giving betrothal gifts, holding the wedding ceremony, and returning to the parents-in-law.  When a young man and woman wish to get married, the man’s mother goes to the woman’s home to have a good look at her and learn about her family’s way of life. If she is satisfied with everything, the man’s mother gives her future daughter-in-law a present, which means their marriage is fixed.

The wedding ceremony lasts for three days. The first day, called “killing pigs,” is for preparation work, such as killing pigs and chickens, borrowing dishware etc. The second day is called “walking the sedan chair.” In the afternoon, a bridal sedan chair is carried out to circle the village and then return home. Meanwhile, the groom worships his ancestors at the grave. The third day is for the wedding ceremony.

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