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 North Cyprus News – Embargoed! Membership

Embargoed! has and always will have my support and admiration.

Turkish Cypriots whether home based or living abroad try to keep the plight of north Cyprus in the public eye.

They chip away at the injustice against north Cyprus, who through not fault of its own, is discriminated against in a way that violates the Human Rights of each and every Turkish Cypriot. The members work tirelessly and have been successful in highlighting the injustices but until the complete lifting of all embargoes happens, their work will not be finished.

Yes, we all know that a minority of Turkish Cypriots violate the Human Rights of some ex pats and Turkish Cypriots within north Cyprus. Do we however use this as an excuse to treat the majority of decent, hard working Cypriots the same way. Two wrongs have never made a right.

I believe it is barbaric in the 21st century to isolate north Cyprus in this way and that now is the time to lift all embargoes and let the light of freedom and knowledge shine in on this beautiful side of the island of Cyprus.

Embargoed need your help and for this reason I am happy to repeat their aims and aspirations:

“The international isolation of Turkish Cypriots dates back to 1964, following the collapse of th…e power-sharing Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Since that time, Turkish Cypriots have been prevented from exercising their rights as a politically equal partner to Greek Cypriots. They have no international political representation, nor can they trade or communicate directly. They are prevented from participating in international sporting and cultural events – including competing under the Olympic flag.

Embargoed! is a human rights group campaigning to bring an immediate and unconditional end to these embargoes against the people of North Cyprus. Launched on 4 March 2005, Embargoed!, receives widespread support from international politicians, civil society groups, and Turkish Cypriots in London and North Cyprus. Its patron is the internationally renowned artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan MBE.

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 Membership of Embargoed! costs just £10 per year. I am about to join, will you?

Pauline Read

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