Day One of The Cyprus Solution Cypriots Will See Benefits

Day One of The Cyprus Solution Cypriots Will See BenefitsOn Radio Proto’s “Ehoume Thema” today the south’s government spokesman, Nikos Christodoulides, said that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots need to experience the results of a potential solution to the Cyprus problem on the first day that it is in place. Generously, he said that on that first day Turkish Cypriots will be allowed to be involved in the executive authority and decision making on a federal level. Well, not the actual Turkish Cypriots, just the politicians.

Wow, that is definitely going to get Turkish Cypriot referendum voters excited, NOT! I imagine that Christodoulides sees Turkish Cypriot politicians being able to vote as a minority, in proportion to the number of Turkish Cypriots there will be in the federation compared to Greek Cypriots. I wonder what Greek Cypriots will be getting?

According to Christodoulides, all that Greek Cypriots will get would be the return of property. But only the sealed-off city of Famagusta and the buffer-zone need to be returned on that first day. Not much really, in return for a minority vote. There is no way he would imagine that Turkish Cypriots would want the property they left behind in the south.

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4 comments to Day One of The Cyprus Solution Cypriots Will See Benefits

  • Ian Edwards

    Clearly, the GCs are simply unable to rise above the level they’ve always occupied. There is no one in the GC politburo who is able to see that for a settlement attractive enough to the TCs, the island cannot return to the way things were. And that is all the GCs want.

    Enosis part 2.

  • Miltiades

    Full of shiiiiate as always !!

  • AM

    It happened 1960-63,. so what has changed now ?

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, if you don’t like Enosis part 2, what else would you call it?

    Enosis re-jigged?

    Enosis rewound?

    Enosis uncovered?

    Enosis B?