in Cyprus Today – 5/12/2009

cyprus-todayVictory for TRNC – union boss becomes first TC voice on world stage since 1963 – a TC living in the south has been voted to represent  “the island’s teachers” at the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE). Editor: doesn’t seem to be anything about the TRNC but instead is about teachers voting for a TC candidate for their union in the south.

South’s payout offer is increased – GC compensation offered to a TC for their land in Larnaca has been increased to €300,000. The case is at the ECHR on 28th January and if he wins more TCs might start to cash in their land in the south, including some who probably “exchanged” it for GC land in the north and then sold it to us. The only problem is that the GCs up to now have been saying that they would only pay out if there was a Cyprus solution. Hopes are that the ECHR may demand immediate payment instead.

Historic handshake – Gordon Brown is photographed with Mehmet Ali Talat at the PM’s parliamentary offices in London. Embargoed! are unhappy that this meeting was not as a result of a direct invitation by the PM but was instead arranged by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce

Civil servants: Bill goes to court – Talat has referred the controversial civil servant’s pay Bill to the Constitutional Court

Graffiti attack on Christofias – “Cyprus is Turkish” is being sprayed on buildings in the south, including the presidential palace, and the local police have determined that the culprits are “almost definitely from the north… because of the route.” Editor: would that be because the graffiti was in a line from the crossing to the palace? Brilliant deduction, the TCs came over the crossing and then started spraying. There can be no other explanation.

There are other stories but most have been covered already in NCFP.

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