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North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today 3/12/2011
Country on Lock-Down
North Cyprus will be on virtual lock-down tomorrow as the controversial census is carried out. It will be illegal for people to go outside without prior permission between 5am and 6pm as the population count is carried out – and anyone caught flouting this risks a 100tl fine and three months in prison. The borders will be shut, only allowing tourists to cross to get to and from Larnaca airport and only then if they have been granted a special permit. A bitter row has been raging about the census which will cost taxpayers 5.8million tl while officials admit it will not yield “an accurate figure” of population numbers. Officials will visit each house and ask 66 questions. There will be 8,000 census officials and also there are 7 UN census observers now on the island.
Prices to rise on ‘luxury’ items following budget
Alcohol, cigarettes and gambling are set to be more expensive in the TRNC as taxes rise under the 2012 state budget. But the government has pledged not to put up duty on fuel.  A government committee has approved the 2012 state budget Bill, which will now be sent to Parliament for scrutiny by deputies in the coming week.

Bank boss removed from role

The TRNC Central Bank boss has been removed from his position amid claims he stood against a cap on interest rates. The exit of finance chief Ahmet Tugay came without warning and interest rate victim groups claimed he left as a result of “his failure to regulate banks and [his hampering of] efforts by the government to introduce a cap on interest rates.”

Jobs pledge for axed CTA staff

Workers at collapsed CTA will be given new jobs , Prime Minister Irsen Küçük  has pledged. Thursdays announcement comes after more than 400 days of unemployment for some and months of protests by union bosses.

Electricity price hike for home connection

The price of connecting a new home has risen from 292tl to 469tl while the cost of reconnection after being cut off has jumped from 57tl to 89tl. Turkish Cypriot Consumer Association head Hasan Yilmaz Işik said “We will be delivering a black wreath of protest to Kib-Tek headquarters tomorrow at noon. Words fail me. Small retailers are at their lowest point, new businesses and young couples need all the help they can get and the poor as usual, pay the price.” New shops and small businesses must now pay 674tl as against the old fee of 460tl.

Cost will destroy us

Electricity hikes will destroy the economy of the TRNC and its hotel sector which is only just seeing an improvement in its occupancy rate, according to the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association.

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