in Cyprus Today – 3/11/2010

Broken dreams – minister says government is powerless to help Kulaksiz 5 homebuyers. The 5 “wisemen” gathered together to bring their King Solomon-like wisdom to solve the property problems in North Cyprus have come to the same decision that the Property Complaints Office (PCO) came to several years ago. Apparently, despite being brought together by the government it now appears it did so, as in the PCO case, without realising they “don’t have any powers” to do anything about the problems.

BRS angry over Poppy Day snub – because they aren’t an ex-service organisation they haven’t been invited to attend the ceremony at Wayne’s Keep on 14th November for the first time in 16 years.

Talks go on over ‘buying back’ land – Turkish and Turkish Cypriot governments are considering a plan whereby banks pay cash compensation to Greek Cypriots for their property in the north if the GCs don’t want exchange land in the south. It appears that the bank could then mortgage the property to the occupiers. Editor: I assume the occupant of eşdeğer (exchange) land could have the exchange land instead if the GC doesn’t want it.

Destitute airline workers get food aid – because CTA employees have not been paid outstanding wages.

Minister may face action and arrest – CTA staff threaten to sue over “bankrupting the national carrier.” 20 UK based CTA staff are suing the ministers who used to run the airline and this could mean they face arrest if they enter the UK.

Overtime ban stepped up by customs – so that from 5pm daily there would be no customs checks at Ercan and the crossings.

Gap closes in North South price division – a typical shopping basket is now only 8% cheaper in the North, down from 10% last month.

North pledge to return property – currently used by the military

Cardboard home protest for Conor – see NCFP

Property: ‘Cyprus problem’ for the new millenium – in the south they have EU law 29/2005/EC which protects buyers if they are sold property with a mortgage on it. Unfortunately if the builder has no assets then homebuyers both in the North and the South have no chance of having their money returned because the banks are not seen as being at fault.

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