in Cyprus Today – 2/12/2009

embargoedUrgent appeal to have vaccination – especially the vulnerable groups which, according to the article, are from “6 months upwards.”

Solution must come soon – Gul – who said that if they fail then Turkey would seek to gain international recognition for the TRNC.

Another smash fatality as 26 year old dies – this article is included on a page about road accidents and a plea for the government to “act over deathtrap roads.” Editor: you only have to drive along any road in north Cyprus and watch cars overtaking when road markings tell them not to, or travelling at speeds they should not, to realise where the blame for these deaths lies.

Bayram brings Ercan passenger bonanza – on Monday 15,023 passengers passed through the airport on 85 flights.

Maginnis accuses UK government – see NCFP

Monastery reopens – a 12th century monastery in Esentepe is now open 7 days a week, 5TL admission

Sorry tale of ancient tomb reduced to rubble – the 4th century BC underground King’s Tomb near Akdeniz village has been allowed to fall into ruins. 15 years ago a hoard of gold had been looted from it and this vandalism has continued ever since.

Out with the new as YTL goes out of circulation – according to the article it can be spent in shops until December 31st, but then has to be exchanged in banks. Editor – I was told in Turk Bank in Alsancak this morning that coins inscribed with “yeni” cannot be exchanged in banks after 4th December! Cyprus44 reports that the deadline  is 7th December! Welcome to the land of confused messages!

Soaring price of gold hits struggling Lefkosa jewellers – because sales have gone down. Editor: and the value of their stock has gone up

Embargoed! needs you – the group has moved into international limelight and are to launch a North Cyprus Property Platform website in the New Year featuring the stories of people such as the Orams.

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