in Cyprus Today – 18/11/2009

cyprus-today‘Bail us out, or we can’t survive’ – CTA is asking the government to write off debts caused by the previous management. Apparently the company has $47m capital and yet it cannot pay its bills.

Falling victim to flash floods – a truck and a tractor fell into a river bed at Degirmenlik

100,000 swine flu vaccines to arrive – 50,000 had already arrived and 27,000 have been used so far

Flying the flag – the 26th anniversary of the founding of the TRNC was celebrated

Oramses’ plea to stop chatroom gossip Editor: possibly after a mistaken statement that they had won their case

In defence of Talat – the CTP deputy defended his statement that he wept with sadness when the TRNC was created

Ankara’s warning to EU – Ankara would chose the TRNC ahead of the EU if it was forced to make a decision between them

No licence – two men have been arrested for hunting without a license.

Turkcell hikes its mobile charges by 20% – but rival Telsim hasn’t. Turkcell now charge 100TL for 3G internet whilst Telsim’s costs 25TL for 1Gb/month, 45TL for 3Gb and 65TL for 5Gb

New airport too expensive – Cyprus Airways is complaining about the airline service costs at the new Larnaca airport

Tourism ‘masterplan’ drawn up for TRNC – no actual details of the plan have been made public until it is passed by Parliament next month

Keep competition fair, says Pegasus chiefEditor: that’s about all it says

Can you help people during a difficult time? – The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) group arranges funerals for people who are neither British nor Muslims but at their last funeral only 1 of their members turned up to help

Road to petition – complaints about the dirt tracks in the Ozankoy area. Girne Municipality said they will start work soon

Civil servants to get 13th salary – they will get their bonus this year after all as it is already in the budget

Why buying in Cyprus has lost its appeal – because of the Orams Case. There is a law in the south that states you can be arrested and jailed for up to 7 years if it is discovered that you’re making a profit out of GC land. Editor: so it only affects lawyers, estate agents and developers then?

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