in Cyprus Today – 17/8/2011

War on ‘illegal’ beach charges – Çahit Başaran was charged 7.5 TL for using a beach but he explained that the constitution allows citizens to use the beach for free. He was told that the constitution is out of date. However, after being sent on a goose chase to verifiy the law, brandishing a copy of the constitution he was allowed access for free. Editor: “citizens” only, not for us foreigners.

25 quizzed in Robb inquiry – see NCFP article

Authority slammed over concert claims – the local protest band, Sol Anahtari, was banned from performing because of “inappropriate lyrics”

Government forced to change 900 light bulbs – on the Girne bypass because they were “too weak”

Opinion: Life’s a beach in the TRNC – the writer criticises the TRNC for creating a law and then allowing it to be “bent” so that those meant to advise on these laws contradict each other when interpreting it.

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