in Cyprus Today – 16/4/2011

‘We’ll borrow to repay debt’ – the TRNC Finance Minister admitted that the government have not paid any interest on their loans for 30 years. It is being hinted that current borrowing practices are unsustainable

Fury at terrorists’ plan to file torture lawsuits – following the Kenyan Mau-Mau rebels launching of torture cases against the British, some EOKA members have decided to do the same

Advice day for expats – there will be a special open day at the British High Commission on May 19th at 9:30 and 12:30 at Shakespeare House, Mehmet Akif Street, Lefkoşa. The vice consul, Gayle Adam, says this is an opportunity for British passport holders to discover what services are available. Register online at

Petrol increase is ‘devastating’ to consumers – petrol up again, by 4 kuruş and diesel by 1 kuruş

Pensioner facing trial after crash – after the maximum 90 days in remand, John Davey has been officially charged with causing the deaths of two teenagers.

‘There is a need for niche tourism’ – according to the President of Turkey’s Travel Agents’ Association. Ideas include cultural heritage, natural beauty, faith tourism and bird-watching.

Treaty’s validity in dispute – EU experts are questioning whether the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee is still legal and whether the British Sovereign bases are legitimate.

No confidence vote amid UBP rebellion – 6 UBP rebels are demanding a leadership contest, without their UBP government support its majority would be wiped out, which is why the motion of no confidence has been called

Swimmers warned of jellyfish swarms – stings should be immediately washed with vinegar or ammonia.

Villas near historic site are given the all clear – they are near Salamis but according to archaeologists there in no danger to the historic site


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