Cyprus Today – K5 v Akfinans Bank Report | 6/12/14

This is how the historic K5 v Akfinans Bank victory was reported by Cyprus Today


Pauline Read

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3 comments to Cyprus Today – K5 v Akfinans Bank Report | 6/12/14

  • fluter

    Don’t you just love the bit about the ruling making the case more complicated.

    What utter rubbish!

  • Polly Marples

    Well now all the property has to go back into the name of one of the fraudsters, so I hope our interest will be protected. We all registered our Contracts. You know, the ones someone from tapu swore on oath had been cancelled.

  • Polly Marples

    The Judge ordered the cancellation of the Kocan put on by Akfinans and the property put back into the name of Yuksel YIlmaz.

    One hopes that the Contracts registered at the tapu in 2008 will be sufficient to stop this fraudster trying to pull a fast one on the K5. Interestingly, Pauline’s is the only Contract that bears Yuksle Yilmaz’s signature.

    Apparently Pauline’s villa is further complicated by the bank transferring her villa into the name of a third party. Surely that was a illegal transaction too since they never ever owned it and we all know it was cosmetic since the bank family themselves occupy it. Now, how mny years rent do they owe Pauline?

    This being allowed to drag on for so long, when it was clearly fraudulent from day one, is the very reaon it is now so complicated.

    Perhaps Pauline should return to Kyrenia and insist the police act on the complaint she made about the bank breaking into her villa….ILLEGALLY.