North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 14/6/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 14/6/2014


RBL Replaces TC’s lost War Medals – A Turkish Cypriot veteran of the British army has been presented with medals to honour his wartime service, 66 years after he earned them and 40 years after he had to abandon them during the Cyprus conflict.

Quadbikers Fined – Two quadbike riders have been fined after being spotted careering round Alagadi’s turtle nesting beach and concerns among environmentalists that a ban on vehicles entering the country’s protected beaches is not being heeded.

Land sale Scandal – Land in a protected area of the Karpaz is up for sale with a £1.5million price tag. The site is in the Natura 2000 protected Ronnas Bay area is up for grabs on a North Cyprus Property site.

Illness comes to light after giving blood – Blood donors could be helping themselves to stay healthy as well as saving other people’s lives, it has emerged. A donor day at Lapta Health Centre in March triggered an early health warning for Bristol born donor Edward Hill, 59, when a blood test result showed he had low haemoglobin levels.


Pets Border Protest – Pet Owners and lovers are planning to meet on both sides of Lokmaci checkpoint today at 6.30pm to protest against the ban on free movement of pets across the divide. Participants are invited to bring their dogs and cats along. For more details check the Human-Dog Chain page on Facebook

Post Office apologises for delays – The Head of the Post Office has apologised for late arrivals of mail, after complaints by ex-pats were relayed to him by Cyprus Today.

Constitution Set to Change – North Cyprus’s Constitution is set to be changed for the first time in nearly 30 years, after President Derviş Eroğlu gave his blessing to amendments agreed by Parliament. The proposed changes – adjustments to 19 articles of the existing Constitution and the addition of four new ones – will be put to a referendum to be held on 29th June, at the same time as the local elections.

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