North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 8/11/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 8/11/2014

Again this edition is a bit thin on news, and some of it is old news and some of it a little thin.


‘Stealth’ rise in mobile charges – going up 10% despite the TRNC Prime Minister objecting.

Public warned of ‘phone fraudsters’ – phoning from ‘0505’ and ‘0530’ numbers and asking for your bank details saying they are the police and that your card had been used for fraudulent purposes.

Petition demands UK representatives for memorial unveiling – after the British High Commissioner refused an invitation, unlike his predecessor.

GCs name TRNC villages they wantEditor – must be a TV game show for the mentally challenged


Sirens sounded for Ataturk – on Monday 10 November at 9.05am, will last for two minutes and use the new loudspeakers I assume

Dog chipping ‘not enforced’ – according to Lefkosa Veterinary Department

Visitors will pay towards Karpaz park upkeep – although Turkey paid 1bn TL for the project there will be a ‘small fee’ if you want to enter it, starting after the project is completed at the end of next year – Editor: along with the water project?


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5 comments to North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 8/11/2014

  • Polly Marples

    Not much news then.

    No news on the citizenship amendment.

  • fluter

    Well, I don’t suppose there will be.

    It is another cypriot nonsense.

  • “Loved” the bit on page 12 under the heading “Hunters out in force”

    “Not all hunters returned home happy, however …… (some) bemoaned the lack of game and called for measures to deal with the dwindling wildlife population.”

    Not their fault then (of course) that they’ve already shot just about everything that moves.

    Oh well, only 8 more hunting days to go before the remaining few birds can rest easy and get on with life – until next year that is.

    Very sadly, one hunting dog was found shot dead on the first hunting day, near Iskele.
    Such “brave” men out there with their camouflage and guns.

  • fluter

    That sounds like the usual TC logic.

    It must be somebody else’s fault.

  • Polly Marples

    I wonder who gave you the thumbs down nigelh.