Cyprus Talks | Trust Us – Give Back Varosha

Cyprus Talks | Trust Us - Give Back VaroshaCyprus Talks – Trust Us – Give Back Varosha

Having read the article on the BBC website I felt impelled to criticise its bias. In summary it is about a little girl who many years ago discovered that her Turkish Cypriot grandparent’s house was Greek Cypriot property in the north given to them after they lost their property in the south. According to the article, instead of feeling sorry for her grandparent’s loss she felt sorry for the Greek Cypriots. That surprised me. Anyway, as a psychologist and an architect she now wants to rebuild Varosha (Maraş) and therefore wants it given back as an act of faith so that Greek Cypriots will then have a change of mind about Turks.

Forgetting the reality of what will really happen, it is the expectation of trust which bothers me. Last time round, in 2004, the Greek Cypriots implied that if the Turkish Cypriots voted yes in the referendum to solve the Cyprus Problem then they would become part of the EU. In the end their yes vote helped the south enter the EU and the north were left empty handed. Well this time it’s Greek Cypriots first. They should allow direct flights from Ercan and, trust them, the Turkish Cypriots will return Maraş.

Source: Varosha: The abandoned tourist resort

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