Why join the Stop the Blackmail Facebook Group?

Since this group has been formed and since having had the good advice to go and get the free advice from BARO in Lefkoşa, I have been inundated by people asking what do I do? I’m hearing: “I’m not computer literate,” “I don’t have a PC with me here,” and /or “don’t have internet here”. How do I get in touch?  The simple answer is, I don’t know. In a country with a postal system one could say put your problem in an envelope and sent to “agony aunt” care of Seasick Sid at the Vicarage in Lower Bollsworth, Since we neither have a postal service nor a vicarage in Lower Bollsworth handy, this presents a bit of a challenge (even if Seasick Sid was at home). If you know someone with a PC and internet then try and use theirs, try and go to an internet café

Copy the Stop the blackmail Facebook page link into the top browser line and join up. Just for those that don’t know it. Inform your Facebook friends and make them aware of the problems in the TRNC.

Stop the Blackmail Facebook Group

I have also been asked, “why should I join, does it cost anything?”  The answer to the second part is easy, “no it doesn’t cost anything”.  Ah I hear you say, “if it costs nothing then it can’t be any good. If they are having problems giving it away, say no more.”

I hope free is not worthless, the group is a self help/support group. Trying to get a handle on the problem(s). The thing that has become more than dauntingly apparent to me in the last week, is the sheer complexity of the problems. I likened it to one of those Russian dolls where you open one and there’s another inside, change the analogy to cans of worms and you get closer to the real issues. I won’t use or even try to use the word truth here as we are way, way off reaching that.

The first part, why should I join is even easier, your problem could be a part of someone else’s solution. A simple bit of knowledge gained here or there and shared by the group can be the straw to break the camel’s back. At present I am overwhelmed by the number of people who just don’t know they have a problem. A few examples, no names:

Do you have a kocan? “Yes!”

Does it have our name on it?  “No”

Where is this kocan and when did you get it? “It’s attached to my contract”.

This person needs to get in touch with Stop the Blackmail before he gets his house sold out from under his feet.

My kocan’s got lots of names on it all in red on the back. Hello! You’ve got mortgages on your kocan. Do something fast.

Half my house is on a plot that is not on my kocan. Or even better my plot doesn’t have the house I bought on it. Don’t wish to panic you, but have you checked the advocate of your choice got it right, or was it the builder’s choice of advocate? In which case I’d stop reading this and check now. Maybe we can find out if the same advocate has been doing this systematically, depriving clients of their cash on their way. Nice one for a fraud case, but if it’s only your case then there’s no pattern. In the last two weeks everyone I have spoken to that has purchased here (I mean everyone, no exceptions) has or has had a problem. If we only see the tip of the iceberg then we can only deal with symptoms, not the disease.

Help the Stop the Blackmail Group help all sufferers. That’s what self help is all about. No charge, just a few people at present with massive commitment and the tenacity to believe that a difference can be made.  They are making positive progress, the more who join the stronger it becomes and the more who actively take part in the dialogue, making contributions with tips advice or “connections,” the better we will all become at getting the mess straightened out. I’m sure there are people who have been cruelly deceived by their builders and advocates, threatened with cancelling contracts, with violence and extra charges.

As a step in the right direction, to help analyse what the major problems are and at which door to lay them at. Please take a little time to fill in our questionnaire. The responses are not tied back to any individual. All will be completely anonymous. We have just put the email there to stop duplicate entries being made. There are unfortunately some people who will fill these sort of things out repeatedly, just for the sake of it and maybe even out of spite.

Please click or copy and paste the link into your browser if you’ve bought in TRNC.


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