We lost the Akfinans Bank auction battle, but the war continues

Winston Churchill

Well, I would like to tell you all that after a good nights sleep I am rested and feeling better. I would like to tell you that but it would be a lie. I did not sleep much, I am exhausted and I do not feel better. Tomorrow is my 65th birthday, I wont be celebrating a Happy Birthday – how could I?

My neighbours will be waking now, wondering if yesterday was a bad dream. On fully wakening they will know that no, it wasn’t a dream it was another part of living nightmare we have been suffering since we first heard the names, KULAKSIZ CONSTRUCTION LTD – YUKSEL YILMAZ – AKFINANS BANK LTD ABDURRAHMAN GUNEY.

ERTUL KADER you know the truth, we know the truth, go to your family and tell them the truth. Your family are AKFINANS BANK LTD. If you have one shred of decency left in you, clear your conscience. I must say you looked pretty stressed out yourself yesterday. Yes I saw you and yes I am still ‘the religious lady’ (your words) and yes I am sure if you do not tell the truth you will be judged, but not by men.

I cannot join the rest of the Kulaksiz 5 in their legal fight; the court has already decided I do not need two remedies for the same problem. Words of course do not convert into ready cash and I see no signs of the money awarded to me by Girne District Court on the 6th November 2009. I am one of the Kulaksiz 5 – we are all exhausted. I know that having lost our homes yesterday we lost our only financial security too.

The money is exhausted. This is where I can do something. To continue to fight legally, we need hard cold cash – I propose we set up the ‘KULAKSIZ 5 FIGHTING FUND,’ money donated to pay the legal fees so that we can continue the fight. Yesterday we lost a battle; the war is far from over. I want feedback from you guys who read this. Is this feasible? Come on put on your thinking caps, give us your input. Yesterday Kulaksiz 5 lost their homes – tomorrow it could be you.

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