Unethical Akfinans Bank to auction pensioner’s home – Day 13

Will you be there on Sunday 6th June to show your support for the residents and owners of Kulaksiz 5. Will your presence make a difference? You can mow the lawn, pickle your eggs, vacuum the cat pluck your nose hair anytime, but if you can take the time to be at the Auction at the Coffee Shop in Karsiyaka at 10.00 a.m. on that fateful day for all foreign property owners in the TRNC, by sheer weight of numbers, you can and will make a difference. So if someone were to ask you “where were you on the 6th June 2010” you can say “oh, I was at the first auction of ex pats properties in the the TRNC, I made a difference, it didn’t go ahead.” Politicians are our ‘mouth pieces’ let them reflect the policies the people want.

This travesty of allowing builders/landowners to take mortgages on land they have already sold is an anathema and the law has to be changed. Decent banks with good codes of conduct and lending policies would not need the law to be changed – an ethical bank would automatically decline applications by these rogue builders/landowners.

Let us not forget that Turkish Cypriot people have been affected by this too and we invite them to join us in our silent protest on 6th June – unfortunately the law prohibits us from conducting a noisy, banner carrying protest. We respect the law even if we do not always agree with it.

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