The “Property Complaints Office” is dead – long live “Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus”

It is now four years since the Property Complaints Office opened its doors to the complaining public. Oh dear, what a damp squib it turned out to be. ‘Use it or lose it’ being the motto of the leader of the Home Buyers’ Pressure Group. Well I used it, I was complaint number 132 and I know many came after me. Firstly, it was dumbed down to Property Information Office and then it disappeared in a puff of nothing. As the late, great Tommy Cooper would say ‘just like that’.

As those of us who were Doubting Thomas’s already knew, the setting up of the PCO was done purely to stop a demonstration here by disgruntled purchasers outside the then new Parliament Building on its official opening day.

People like Hasan Sungur, President of the Estate Agents Association and a voluntary member of the complaints committee were, in my opinion, genuine in their attempt to help those of us with complaints. Marion Stokes, in my opinion was and is genuine in her attempt to help people with problems. Even though my approach is most certainly different to Marion’s approach and a lot more vocal, I have no doubt she does approach every problem with the best of intentions, as I do myself. However, I often wonder if the old saying ‘the road to hell in paved with good intentions’ is somewhat prophetic for anyone trying to do good here in the TRNC. Some who have the sort of problems that ABAG and K5 have could be forgiven for thinking they already are in ‘hell’.

I am attaching the Home Buyers Pressure Group’s minutes(1) of a meeting held on the 21st August 2007 in which we are all being urged to use the Property Complaints Office.

You will see they are referring to the list of rogue builders and apologising for it. Time may well have proved most of it to be absolutely spot on. Allegedly Ms Stokes had been served with a £1,000,000 civil writ by one of the builders who withdrew it when she apologised.

I wonder who the lucky person was who got to wipe their nether region on my complaint.

Nothing has changed, nothing has improved, if you want to try to make a difference then join Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. You can join from anywhere in the world, your support can be as little or as much as you want it to be, but join and swell the numbers of our membership.

Never give in, never give up.




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