The Legal System In North Cyprus Is INHUMANE?


This was the heading of a post on Cyprus44. What followed was a tale that is hard to believe. The Aga Buyers’ Action Group (ABAG) had their case against Gary Robb cancelled on the day of the court hearing in north Cyprus, 4th December. This was not the first time. Those who had come from their home countries hoping to get their money back from Robb had to return empty handed because his lawyers said on the day something they had known for a long time, they didn’t work for him and had not seen him since he was deported.

Once back in the UK, emails started to arrive, they have been edited to protect the recipients:

Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 12:26 PM
Subject: Re Court hearing

The court hearing is fixed for the 23rd of December 09 and you must come to the T.R.N.C to prove your case in court latest by the 21st of December 09 so that we could go over your case and prepare you for it. If you wont be present in court the judge shall cancell your case as he is not accepting any person to appear and speak on your behalf and give evidence in court on your behalf therefore your friend whom you left the power of attorney with shall not be able to represent you in court therefore it is neccesary that you are here to prove your case on the 23rd of December 09.


Gary Robb can’t appear and that seems acceptable but if the plaintiffs can’t appear the case is cancelled! The case had been moved from 4th December to fit in with Robb, it doesn’t matter that the plaintiffs had to come over and waste all that¬† money. They could keep doing this until one-by-one the plaintiff’s cases are cancelled because they ran out of money and couldn’t afford the fares and accommodation. Does that sound like justice to you?

[1] ABAG
[2] Cyprus44

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