Stop the Blackmail Group’s actions crucial in cancellation of North Cyprus Property Auction

North Cyprus Property AuctionFollowing the postponement of the Auction at the Gary Robb site in Karaman, due largely to representations made to the Ministry of the Interior’s senior official in charge of all the Tapu office’s, we met with that official yesterday in the company of one of the victims and her partner and  the Head of the Estate Agents’ Association.

We expressed our thanks for the timely intervention of the Ministry in postponing the Auction.  It was an unprecedented step for an official from the Tapu to intervene and such an order to be made.  Indeed the Advocate acting for the victims was about to lodge a case to Appeal the auction when he learned of its postponement.

The purpose of our meeting yesterday was to ask that the postponement be taken that step further and become cancellation of the Auction.  The reception we had was very positive and it was clear that the official was sympathetic to all victims in this situation.   However our task yesterday was to obtain further help for the Karaman victims.

I now have to prepare a report to be submitted to a committee, the purpose of which is to come up with a possible solution to the Karaman victims problem. You will understand at this time, all further details are confidential.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Minister of Finance, Mr Ersin Tatar.  He too was approached by the Stop the Blackmail committee to help to stop the auction and we know he played a large part in achieving the postponement.

The Head of the Estate Agents’ Association has been the king pin through all our negotiations so far, he has opened doors and guided us every step of the way.  Without his help and timely intervention we would have not have gotten this far.   As soon as Pembe and I learned of the Auctions,  Pembe took a photo copy of the notice from the coffee shop wall.   Our first stop was the office of the Head of the Estate Agents Association.  His first reaction was horror, his second was to state that he would do all in his power to get it stopped.   Our second meeting was with Mr. Tatar, who was equally distressed about the North Cyprus Property Auction and also promised to do all he could to stop it.   Gentlemen, you have both been as good as your word and we at Stop the Blackmail, thank you.

Our job is not yet finished.  I now have to prepare the report, as always, I will pray that God will give me the words to open the hearts of those that read it.

I felt that yesterday I achieved a better understanding of the situation at Karaman.  It threw up even greater doubt in my mind.  Why would a landowner transfer 5/6ths of his land to Gary Robb on the promise of a villa to be built on the remaining 1/6th that presumably remained in the landowner’s name.    Would it not have been more prudent if the landowner had only given Power of Attorney which he could have cancelled when he realised he was dealing with a less than trustworthy man.   Why when he could see no progress on his villa would the landowner compound his foolishness by advancing $200,000 worth of supplies/materials.  Yet from what I have been hearing, the landowner is a business man.

I cannot help but feel that this situation has turned out exactly as Mr Robb intended it to.   However, it would seem a ‘spanner’ has been thrown into the works by the intervention of the Tapu, in my opinion a very timely  ‘spanner’.

Never give in, never give up.

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