Polly Marples tracks down Kulaksiz Construction

It is surprising how life conspires to put you in the right place at the right time…. occasionally.

I was sitting in Cod Baba eating my cod roe, they do exceedingly good food at Cod Baba, when I spied the two brothers of Abdurrahman Guney, former Director of Kulaksiz Construction Ltd, both of whom were active in the Company when I purchased my villa from them. They were even in the same vehicle they used back then. Much to my surprise they entered the premises of a very well known Award winning Construction Company.

This was a case for Polly Marples. In the guise of a potential purchaser I went into the Sales Office and asked about properties. They were exceedingly helpful and very pleasant to me until I asked which builders they used. I was informed they use their own builders so I couldn’t resist asking what Kulaksiz Construction operatives were doing in their Construction Office. My cover was blown – the female sales assistant was at pains to assure me that Kulaksiz was a different company with all different people – huh so what were the two brothers doing there, the same two who offered me protection when I was receiving dodgy phone calls and told me that Akfinans Bank was not a proper bank. I was then informed that Kulaksiz were involved in the pool building and that all work was supervised and inspected by line managers. How the mighty are fallen.

The only thing that has changed at Kulaksiz Construction Company is the Director – the plumber took over from Abdurrahman Guney. Nothing else has changed. Abdurrahman Guney is still calling the shots from Famagusta. I must say that the Director made exceedingly realistic bath size replicas of the Titanic when he was a plumber. I can just see Kate and Leo standing on the edge of my bath with Celine singing her heart out in the background.

Why a first class, reputable company should have anything to do with these people baffles me – if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Please be at the Auction of Kulaksiz 5 on Sunday 6th June at 10.00 am at the Coffee Shop in Karsiyaka Square.

If you care be there.

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