One year after the Aga Turkish Embassy demonstration, promises have not been kept

It is now one year since the ABAG ladies held their peaceful protest outside the Turkish Embassy in London.

Despite their being invited into the Embassy, and their being told there was no need for them to be outside in the cold, the promise of a further meeting after the Ambassador, who was not present on the 4th October, had had a chance to read their questions, no meeting happened and the property situation in the TRNC remains the National shame it was then and has been for the last 8/9 years. The promised meeting never materialised and the ABAG ladies are still awaiting the answers to their questions.

A lot has changed with regard to ABAG’S villain, one Mr Gary Robb, he is now serving 10 months in prison in the RoC I think most of the ABAG ladies and Aga victims are of the opinion this is not nearly a long enough sentence. The pity is that all the other Directors and shareholders of Aga Development Limited cannot be gotten at. Although if what I am reading is true and Cafer Gurfacer, Kimlik card number 121356, is now seeking refuge in the RoC then he, as a Director of Aga Development Limited according to their documents dated the 06/02/2009, is easily available to the RoC authorities.

We had planned to hold a Silent, Peaceful Candlelit Vigil here in the TRNC on the same day but the current Government would not allow this. Obviously the sight of pensioners holding candles in silent protest was too much of a risk to public order. Or could it be they just do not want reminding of what they are allowing to happen to us?

We did eventually have our Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil on the Sunday 14th November 2010 but it had to be led by a Turkish Cypriot and I was kept glued firmly across the road from the island on which it took place. My secret service Policeman was very clear with me, if I tried to join the Vigil I would be arrested. No banners, or messages were allowed.

I though you might enjoy seeing the freedom afforded to the ABAG ladies and have brought back some of the pictures and T shirts allowed at their protest. Please be aware all these photos were on Laura laptop who is still languishing in Girne nick, so my thanks to my researcher in London who was able to get me copies.


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