North Cyprus Property | What Property Victims Should Do

North Cyprus Property | What Property Victims Should Do

It was very good to see that a local newspaper was prepared to carry a victim’s story in the U.K. I can understand why the nationals do not bother; how many times a year does such a story get sent to them? Not many. If they were deluged with them, you can bet your life it would get their attention but we all know it ‘ain’t’ going to happen.

What truly amazes me is that so many people just do not want their peers to know they have been victimised here in north Cyprus. I find it very strange that they would rather remain anonymous victims than admit they have been robbed of £10,000’s of their hard earned money. Fear of physical reprisals I can well understand, fear of being thought a fool, no that I cannot come to terms with.

Of course the perpetrators of such crimes just love this attitude, “no worry mate, on to the next scam”, the police won’t do anything neither will the victim. The victim will find a nice area of sand and stick their head in it. HISS (Head In Sand Syndrome) will continue, so will the scams.

So the brave few will continue to organise petitions, lobby politicians, send article to unwilling newspapers and never give in, never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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