North Cyprus Property | What Now For the TRNC?

North Cyprus Property | What Now For the TRNC?
I like the south of Cyprus, always have, always will. I can hear many shouting ‘well go back there then’ and who knows maybe one day I will.

Certainly I know that publishing my book there would be a strong possibility simply because from a personal point of view, they did me no harm. I think part of the reason I left was because it changed so much and partly because I was too young when I went there.

Since the days I lived in the south, many property purchasers have been treated shamefully and found justice hard, if not impossible to come by.  Maybe, now that the south are in desperate need of revenue, title deeds may be made available to those who should have had them years ago.

The years between leaving south Cyprus and settling in north Cyprus were spent in the UK with lots of long holidays elsewhere. I have been fortunate in my life, the harder I worked the more fortunate I became. Oddly, it is only since I stopped working I came to appreciate that.

It is true to say that the only financial losses I have ever experienced have been here in north Cyprus. I won’t bore you with the details (again).  I will however repeat one observation I know to be true. The majority of victims of the property scams have intelligence quotients far in excess of those who have ‘rooked’ them and I do think that in a country that had modern laws, this could not and would not have happened. You only have to see what the fraudsters spent victims life’s savings on to appreciate that and how quickly they went through what it took you a lifetime of work to earn.  Nevertheless, not one of the the fraudsters has been brought to book, why?

At last it looks as if the tide might be turning in the favour of the victims. If the ongoing case of the Kulaksiz 5 does go in favour of the litigants, there may well be a precedent set that will benefit a lot of the ‘stealth mortgage’ victims. The big IF.
Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 could be the saviour of the victims and indirectly the building industry of north Cyprus. It would be shameful if the litigants are forced to the ECHR in Strasbourg to find that elusive lady, Justice.
K5 are in court again on the 28th March (this Thursday at 9.00 am approx.)
Supporters are welcome
If you care, be there.
Pauline Read
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