North Cyprus Property | Weekly Property Problem Round Up


North Cyprus Property | Weekly Property Problem Round Up

Well this has indeed been a very busy week.

On Monday Pauline attended court with two of her friends and the case was adjourned until the 13th March 2013

Later on Monday morning Pauline received a request from the Police in Nicosia to go in and give them some information about things she allegedly said to the press last year. She explained she would not come in alone and that her Advocate was in Istanbul at the hospital with his wife. It was suggested she go in alone, this she was not prepared to do.

On Tuesday the same request came from the same officer and an offer was made to come to see her. She explained again, she was just not prepared to speak to the police without her Advocate present. She suggested they email her a list of questions and she would get them translated. They asked her to text her email to a mobile number, this she did. It is now Sunday, no questions have arrived.

On Friday, in the company of the rest of the Kulaksiz 5, she was in the Girne District Court at what was supposed to be the beginning of a full hearing. The witness had been sworn in and the interpreter was by his side. Here is the Cyprus Today’s (page 3) reason for the adjournment before any evidence could be given:

“Judge Adjourns Kulaksiz 5 case

The Kulaksiz 5 main case has been adjourned at the request of the advocate acting on behalf of the residents.  Advocate Boysan Boyra asked Judge Talat Usar at the Girne District Court yesterday for the adjournment, after changes were demanded to be made to the amount spent by the buyers on the properties.

The main case, which could overturn a previous court order which gave way to the public auction in 2010 after the previous landowner failed to repay a mortgage secured against the site in Karsiyaka, will continue on March 14.”

Note, as usual no mention by name of the bank. Wise precaution as their journalists are also being sued for Libel by the bank whose name cannot be mentioned. Libel litigation seems the weapon of choice to silence everyone.

So the Kulaksiz 5 return to court on the 14th March at 2.00 pm. One wonders if this appearance will result in yet another adjournment. Keep tuned to NCFP for all the latest news.

On Friday the High Court’s decision to grant an Interim Injunction in Turkish was published on the court’s website. For those who speak Turkish is can be accessed with this link:

As soon as an English summary is available, it will be published. It is a 50 page document and at £25 per page to translate, you can understand that Pauline cannot afford that.

As has been suggested before, she has no share or financial interest in NCFP, her income like all pensioners is limited.

Never give in never give up


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