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Pauline’s Opinion – I Went of My Own Accord

When the decision to ‘smear’ my name was taken, it was amazing how the few with a perceived reason to ‘hate’ me banded together so cohesively. A common enemy does unite, even those with much to hide.

That a 69 year old victim of the property scam in north Cyprus not only had the nerve to complain on her own behalf, but perish the thought shouted loud and long for other victims is something unknown in north Cyprus.

Then when the parasites started swimming around the victims, I shouted again. Re-victimising the already victimised does not go unnoticed, no matter how charming the new breed of parasite appears.

The Hate group was the culmination of the attack and coincided with the need for me to have to go to the UK for medical reasons. I did sell my assets there because I did not know how long I would be away, and indeed if it would be possible for me to return. I still do not know but only because medical tests and possible surgery lie ahead for Agile. They would like to believe they have the power to frighten me away, that is far from the truth.

How very strange though the last entry by Fatma Lone on the Hate Group is:

“Fatma Lone
18 January

As we now have over 5100 members which think alike about the slander pauline read has done in north cyprus and since we have gained the goal of this group we have made our group a secret group. İt is a shame that this women is still slandering some but we all know that she has done bad for herself by doing so and that nobody respects or even listens to what she says. Maybe we should just ignor her also.”

The last comment on Mehmet Kaptan’s facebook page:

“Mehmet K Bensen
January 22 via YouTube

 Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Yükleyen: Felix Wolf

ACHTUNG!!! Diese Musik habe ich von iTunes. PS: Metallica ist cool!”

The last comment on Hak Hukuk’s facebook page”:

“Hak Hukuk
January 22

Feeling very sick.”

The last entry on North Cyprus Free Legal Advice page:

“Hak Hukuk

13 January

Wills and Succession in the TRNC.

It is lawful for every person, who is of sound mind and has completed the age of eighteen years , to dispose the DESPOSABLE PORTİON of there property (s) by a will to anyone they wish. But, also, no will shall be valid unless, inter alia, it expresses a definite intention, it is in writing and executed in a manner hereinafter mentioned, that is to say-

a) İt shall be signed at the foot or end thereof by the testator, or by some other person …”

Ask yourself, is it purely conincidental that Fatma Lone, Mehmet Kaptan Bensen and Hak Hukuk all stopped commenting about the same time as Mehmet Kaptan Bensen became unavailable on similar dates and was I always right in my suspicions that the none existent Fatma Lone is and was Mehmet Kaptan Bensen aka Hak Hukuk.?

” Circumstantial Evidence is also known as indirect evidence. It is distinguished from direct evidence, which, if believed, proves the existence of a particular fact without any inference or presumption required. Circumstantial evidence relates to a series of facts other than the particular fact sought to be proved. The party offering circumstantial evidence argues that this series of facts, by reason and experience, is so closely associated with the fact to be proved that the fact to be proved may be inferred simply from the existence of the circumstantial evidence.”

I believe and have always believed that the Hate Group was formed by Mehmet Kaptan Bensen to discredit me and to throw doubt on anything I said. Now why would anyone do that unless they had something to hide. From the number of clients who are now looking for Mr. Bensen, I can only conclude that he had.

I rest my case.

DISCLAIMER: These are my thoughts and anything I have written are attributable to me alone. My thoughts and conclusions are not in any way attributable to NCFP.

Pauline Read

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