North Cyprus Property Victims | Obvious to a Blind Man


North Cyprus Property Victims – Obvious to a Blind Man

I wonder what my reaction would have been had I been able to press a ‘fast forward’ button that day in mid September 2005 when I walked into number 5 Demokrasi Sokak and fell in love with the villa. I don’t suppose, if I had been able to, I would have believed the scene, there are many scenes I could home in on but the one that is most significant to me is this one:

There I was in September 2013 sitting in chambers with a Supreme Court Judge in chambers, defending myself (oh yes I was!) and being told that part of the reason for the problems we are encountering is that years ago, if someone had built on land belonging to a Turkish Cypriot, the reaction by that Turkish Cypriot would have been ‘thank you very much for enriching MY land’. Well yes, that works except, she missed out the bit about ‘progress’. That might well have been true many years ago but certainly not now, and certainly not in my case. The middle bit she omitted goes: the TC/Turk did a deal with the builder, the builder sold the land to the new owner and the antiquated PTP system caused the land to ‘appear’ to still be in the name of the former owner. The fact is that he had signed a Contract forfeiting his ownership and the law is not acknowledging this. Quite the reverse, the law is legitimising the TC/Turks/other foreigners fraudulent acts when they borrow and use land they no longer own as security. The Banks giving the mortgages to these criminals is by no means blameless.

Now common sense tells us this fraud is unacceptable, indeed common law tells us this also. Why then are people still having to spend a fortune trying to prove legally they have been ‘conned’ and worse, with no guarantee of success. The rightness of their claims would be obvious to a blind man.

I can only use my own ‘fraud’ as an example but I know there are at least 1400 more in the same position waiting for the outcome of the Kulaksiz 5 case in north Cyprus. I have to say, recent events have led me to believe that we have very little chance of being vindicated in north Cyprus. My feelings are that it will go all the way to Strasbourg and the European Court of Human Rights and that I believe will be catastrophic for north Cyprus and all the decent people there.

Pauline Ann Read

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